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10 Best Carrot Juice Recipe To Make It Taste Better

Carrot Juice Recipe
Written by Rohan Mathew

Fruits Juice or any sort of drinks is the trending Brand. there are different types of drinks available now in the market consisting of different flavored and taste from the same fruits. By defining this we would like to highlight that the demand for the juice has been much in this era.

It has become a trend now a day to serve a nice fine Juice to your guest. For that people try to learn and make different types of homemade fruit juice to serve fresh instead of giving the readymade one.

Carrots juice is one of the easiest, affordable & available all-time at home and in the market. The sweet taste from the carrots is loved by everyone. Another factor of liking is the nutrients you get from it. It helps in your immune system, eyesight, during pregnancy, metabolism, protect from cancer, etc.

The antioxidant & beta-carotene in carrots protects you from all sorts of diseases according to scientists and many researchers.

Here we will learn 10 best carrot juice recipes to make it taste better.

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10 Best Carrot Juice Recipe

First, Recipes

  1. Classic Carrot Apple Juice

These two items alone can make the best & better taste in the simplest way. As we know that they both taste sweets, you don’t need the extra item to add for making it taste better. It has its own rich element of sugar in it than other veggie juice. They contain Vitamin C & Vitamin A, also has strong antioxidants for preventing different kind of diseases that makes the juice favorite for all.


-take 4 medium carrots

– take 2 medium size Apples &

– If you want to add, ½ inch of ginger roots (to give strong aroma).


a) First, wash the ingredients properly

b) Peel the skin of Apple & Carrots if required and cut then in small pieces.

c) Put it in the Juicer.


– Use a spoon to stir well in the mixer.


-You can use Ice cube for chilling the juice.

–  It is good to drink the juice immediately to prevent oxidation and bacteria.

  1. Carrot Watermelon Summer Delight.

They are an interesting combination of Vitamin B, & Vitamin A, one gives think juice and the other one melted smoothly. This also makes a perfect combination as while mixed in the juicer you do not need to add water for letting it juice smoothly, the watermelon will do the work of the water/ ice cube.

This combination is best for the summer season for your skin and dehydration.

They taste fabulous!


–          Take 4 medium-size carrots.

–          ½ cup watermelon.

–          Extra, rocket leaves or kale if you want to add. (not necessary)

–          1/3 inch of Ginger for balancing the taste.


a) Wash and peel the skin/cover.

b) Slice/chop them vertically into 1-inch pieces horizontally.

c) Put it into the Juicer.


–  If you are adding the leaves, make sure you grind it nicely to avoid thickness to your Juice.

–  You can enjoy immediately or either put in a refrigerator.

  1. Carrot & Orange

Carrots and orange make a great pair of the recipe together in making a healthy and tasty juice. Their sources of good contain Vitamin C and K.  It also contains vitamin A (Beta-Carotene).

Tips – Adding chia seeds helps replace the fiber that is lost during the juicing process.


–  3 medium-size carrots

–  2 medium orange, (peel and pith or remove).

–   1 tablespoon Chia seeds, optional


–  Juice the carrots and orange

–   Follow your juicer special setting mode.

–   Stir in the chia seed(but try to soak for 5 mint before).

  1. Carrots & Banana smoothies

The name smoothes itself says how smoothes and blends it can. Along with these two items you can add various items as they blend very well also will taste good with any other items added along with them.

Some ingredients or items recommended if you like different tastes. Forex: apple juice& yogurt.


– 1.5 cups carrots, shredded carrots.

–   2-3 bananas (sliced if needed) optional.

–   Plain vanilla yogurt (1 cup).

–   Ice cube accordingly.

–   Apple juice ½ cup.


– Peel the bananas and carrots

  • Cut or slice

–  Add other ingredients, optional

–  Put it in the Mixer.

–  Wait until it gets smoothes and juicy. Take out in a bowl or cup

–   And you are ready to serve.

Tips: you can take this as a morning breakfast or before going to the gym.

  1. Cleansing Cucumber carrot juice

They are the best known for detoxifying your body gives energy trough out the day. The two combinations produce deep yellow color ‘Curcumin” which is also known as “the queen of spices’ has the most powerful benefits along all. It cleanses your liver, immune system, and prevents from cancer cells.


–  Add 2 handfuls of chards

–   3-4 large sweet carrots

–   1 medium cucumber

–   Add ½ small lemons for strong flavor.

–    ½ small piece of ginger

–  Turmeric powder


–   Add carrots, cucumber, lemon, ginger & chards altogether and pour into a glass.

–   Cut into small pieces.

–   Put in the juicer, add turmeric and start mixing until it gets ready.

  1. Sparkling carrot juice with Lemon

This is the simplest and easiest you will find it in your kitchen. Quick enough to get ready in a mint.


Before you start to make both the ingredients are there in your kitchen.

–  3-4 carrots

–   1 small lemon

–   Ginger(optional

–   Kale(optional)


–  Collect all the fresh carrots

–   Cut them into small pieces

–   Put in the juicer and serve in a glass cup.

  1. Carrot Pineapple Orange Juice.

A simple and refreshing juice using only three ingredients these 3 ingredients are sufficient enough to give a grand look and delicious flavor.


–  2 and a half medium size carrots

–   ½ small ripe pineapple

–    1 large orange.


–   Clean all the ingredients and peel

–   Cut them into small pieces and put them all together in the juicer container.

–    Mixed it well &

–    Serve in a glass Cup.

  1. Carrot tomato honey Juice.

It is an unimaginable taste if you have not tried this combination but they are also good juice for the summer season.


–  3 medium-size tomatoes

–   4 medium carrots

–    Honey to taste


–   Wash all the ingredients and place them in a bowl after cutting them into small pieces.

–   Put in the juicer adding the honey on it.

–    Mixed well


–  While adding honey don’t add then 2 tablespoons.

–  Serve with ice or chill it in the fridge and then serve.

  1. Skin purifying carrot Juice

For preparing this juice there are these two special ingredients Kale & Spinach, good for your skin. They consist of vitamin A, C, K & Iron over all the mixers of healthy food. Their benefits apply in protecting the skin, promote collagen production, reduce dark circles around your eyes, detoxify your skin and also improve in smoothing your skin tone.


–  4-5 medium-size carrots

–  4 Stalks of Kale

–  A handful of Spinach.

–  1 Cucumber & lemon each.


–   Wash the ingredients properly.

–   Slice the carrots and cucumber 1-2 inches horizontally to fit in the juicer.

–    Peel lemon cut half and squash the juice on top of it.

–    Mixed in the juicer.

–    Ready to serve.


–  Make sure you try to fit all properly in the juicer.

–  Use a spoon or fork to remove any foam.

–   Add ice (optional).

  1. Carrot Beet apple juice

This is a combination of looks, taste, & healthy balance juice.


–  Take 3 medium-size carrots

–   Take 3 medium-size beets

–   And 1 granny smith apple

–    A ½ half inch of fresh ginger & ½ fresh lemon Juice.


–  Wash all the veggies properly

–  Take out the skin or peel beet & carrots

–  Cut them into 1 and half-inch pieces.

–  Core the apple and slice them into 6


–  Run the juicer thoroughly to get all the fresh juice from it.

–  Mixing of lemon will give a good texture of freshness taste.

–   Don’t forget to stir and mix well.

–   Refrigerate for 1-3 hours.

The above mention juice is a combination of 2 fruits/ vegetable average ingredients to make it easier and tastier for you.

The best parts are this kind of process does not take more than 5 to 12 mint, and is very convenient. It saves a lot of time and energy and also gives you the best organic protein you could get it a Home.

The secret of making the juice looks grand and delicious for you always serve with transparent glass and add lemon and straw to make it look delicious.

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