10 Ideas to Rekindle a Friendship with Long Lost Friends 

10 Ideas to Rekindle a Friendship with Long Lost Friends 
Written by Paresh Bramhane

People like to stay in their shells, and with almost a year of low human contact, people have found themselves at bay when it comes to making a conversation with new people. It is also understandable as long as it is about people you don’t know or are barely acquainted with. But when the same happens with people you were once best friends with, it becomes a problem. And today we have aimed to come up with a solution on how you can be friends again with the people you were friends and best friends with. And how you can let your anxiety sit away while you work on your friendship and bettering your relationship with people. The journey shouldn’t be as difficult; remember it’s your friends you are talking about and that nothing ever changes between people who are friends forever. All you need to do is initiate a call, send a flower delivery in Mumbai and let it flow organically and pretty soon, you will be back to the original bond. 

  • Long calls every day

Long calls are a thing of the past now, and no one really does that, but when it’s your best friend who has come to the other side of the phone, spending hours won’t be difficult. Call every day, and don’t worry about new conversations; they somehow come up without much effort. 

  • Maintain streaks

Using social media and platforms that are in trend these days, you can give insights into your daily life to your friends with what is called making snap streaks with friends. It is a nice tactic to make new friends as well. 

  • Send notes

Send notes to your best friend, do something off screens and without the help of social media using your own brain and creativity. Save these notes to share one day when you can meet or keep sending them through your mobile.   

  • Dig up old stories 

Talk about old stories and limericks where you share about things you used to do in your childhood and how everything used to be so much fun and simpler than today if your friend feels distant now the one true way to live them back in by using these stories. 

  • Send presents

Send presents to them through online portals, including flower delivery, cake delivery, presents like keychains, planters, teddy bears and many other things. Send it all on occasions or just like that because you felt like and let your friend know that you care for them deeply. 

  • Movie night plans 

Make movie plans and spend nights together, probably just like old times and let friendship grow in the most organic way. You can decide to watch movies you did earlier and that you know by your heart, or you can go for new ones. 

  • Share interests and passion 

Go for a common interest together and grow with it. For instance, go to a dance class together and be a part of each other’s journey or struggle. Without saying or doing anything else than just being together is what will have magical effects on your relationship, and that is all we look for. 

  • Let the trust build 

Let things go in the direction as they do themselves, don’t try to push yourself on your friend after this long and don’t try to make them fall in love with you immediately. The idea has popped first in your mind, which indicates that you are ready to be friends again, but your friend is not necessarily in the same state of mind, and hence it’s important to give them their due space. 

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