4 Steps to Check Your Luxury Timepieces: Hublot Classic Fusion

4 Steps to Check Your Luxury Timepieces: Hublot Classic Fusion
Written by Paresh Bramhane

The Hublot Classic Fusion watch series is for you because its striking designs and skilled watchmaking expertise are seamlessly combined to produce a smooth, fashionable wrist watch. From the Aerofusion, which has a tough black rubber and alligator leather strap that shows off the sophisticated mechanism, to the chronographs, this collection is suitable for everyone.

The Classic Fusion line that is unique, strong, and classy, reinterprets classic elegance with Hublot’s extraordinary touch. A unique style with a wide range of movements, designs, materials, and colors. NBA champion Dwayne Wade wears a Hublot Classic Fusion model, which is a favorite of all-stars and athletes. Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium, Classic Fusion Titanium Diamonds, Classic Fusion Titanium Pave, and the Classic Fusion King Gold Diamond are the four variations of the Hublot Classic Fusion timepieces.

The Classic Fusion

Hublot’s Classic Fusion series features smoother and more conservative designs. The timepieces are available in a wide range of styles, from three-handers to skeletonized chronographs featuring moon phase and power reserve indicators. The Hublot Classic Fusion models, like other Hublot watches, impress with their signature combination of unique materials such as carbon, titanium, ceramics, and King Gold, as well as leather dials. One or more entry-level models in the low four-digit range are also part of the series.

Traditional watchmaking principles were merged with more contemporary design elements in the Hublot Classic Fusion, making these timepieces more desirable to collectors. The maker has managed to produce a unified collection. Traditional lines, circular case shapes, and fixed bezels define the watches visually. Variety of design styles, from modest to extravagant, are offered. The timepieces are available in sizes ranging from 33mm to 45mm, including a date display window at 3 o’clock on all Classic Fusion models.

Steps on How to Identify a Genuine Hublot Watch

Here are some crucial pointers on how to distinguish a genuine and fake Hublot watch to help you keep sharp in the marketplace.

  1. Perform a quick inspection of the watch’s quality. When inspecting the watch, there are a few obvious defects that are sure signs that the watch is a fake: Printing on the dial, case back, and the strap are misaligned; there is stickiness around the edges, and there are unclear or poorly printed marks.
  2. Check the branded details more closely. Hublot screws feature a distinct H-shape that is consistent across all models, from the Big Bang to the Classic Fusion to the enormous King Power. Many fakes will use blue-colored screws on the inside, although Hublot has never done so. The logo should be engraved, not etched or printed.
  3. Look at the dial for the words “Swiss Made.” Also, look at the markings on the movement. Make sure Hublot Geneve is spelled correctly and is carved rather than printed.
  4. Study the model you wish to buy and compare prices for the same Hublot watch from different sellers. And keep in mind that the phrase “too good to be true” exists for a purpose; if you’re being offered a Hublot watch at a significantly cheaper price than other merchants, there’s a strong possibility it’s a fake.

Hublot Overview

Hublot watches, founded by Carlo Crocco in 1980, drew notice with the company’s “Fusion” philosophy of merging the extraordinary with the ordinary. Hublot watches have dominated the market ever since, with their creative designs and high-quality craftsmanship. Marking the first time that gold and rubber were mixed in a timepiece. Crocco aspired to create a timepiece that was versatile, sturdy, and stylish all at the same time, and Hublot’s characteristic style was born in 1980.

The porthole shape (the term “Hublot” really means “porthole” in French), the combination of polished and brushed gold, and the simple black dial have all made these watches popular. Hublot was also the first company to employ a natural rubber strap on a timepiece. The brand’s headquarters are now located in Switzerland. Their watches are made here, in halls crammed with machinery and watchmakers’ workstations. The watches are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail and built from the ground up at its Swiss headquarters, where they are also polished and tested. No watch leaves the shop without being thoroughly inspected for quality and functionality.


If you’re looking for used Hublot watches, we also recommend visiting an authorized dealer or official Hublot store to feel the weight of a real Hublot watch in your hands. Another feature that distinguishes Hublot is its outstanding customer service. Hublot owners will always receive outstanding service and the firm will go out of its way to impress them, no matter where they are in the world. 

This is a well-known fact among luxury watch owners, and it reverberates across the internet, particularly on various luxury watch enthusiast sites and forums. Whether a customer buys a watch at a boutique or orders one through the mail, the result is the same: Hublot is always committed to its clients.

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