5 Outdoor Solar Light Ideas to Try This Summer

5 Outdoor Solar Light Ideas to Try This Summer
Written by Purva Jagtap

Are you looking to illuminate your landscape long after the sun has set?

Outdoor solar lighting is an easy, efficient, and eco-friendly way of keeping your yard lit throughout the night. Having the right kind of outdoor lighting can completely transform your outdoor spaces and help you make the most out of your yard.

But what types of solar lights are out there? Which one will work best in your backyard space? If you have these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re sharing 5 outdoor solar light ideas that will brighten up your home. Just keep on reading to find out what they are!

  1. String Lights

Solar-powered string lights are a versatile way of adding an aesthetic glow to your backyard at night. You can wrap these lights around the railing of a porch, drape them across a fence, or string them through the branches of a small tree or a line of bushes.

If you aren’t sure where to get started when it comes to going solar, check out this information about solar panel installation!

  1. Path Lights

Does your backyard feature small paths or walkways? Keep everyone safe while adding whimsy to your outdoor space by installing solar-powered post lights into the ground.

These lights will guide visitors through your backyard, garden, or pool area and will keep your landscaping bright and illuminated.

  1. Garden Lighting

What gardener doesn’t love to show off their plants? Garden lighting is a great way to boost the appearance of a nighttime garden.

These lights, if strategically placed, will accentuate the flora of your backyard while giving yourself and your guests some light during the darker hours. Placing this type of lighting around patches of beautiful blooms, winding vines, or an elegant fern is a great way to draw attention to the natural beauty of your space.

  1. Candlelight

Add a luminous glow to your outdoor dining table by placing solar-powered candlesticks around as centerpieces. Not only will the soft, dreamy light give you enough to see while you dine, but it will make the atmosphere romantic and classy.

  1. Porch Light

Adding a solar-powered porch light to the back of your house is great for increasing security. Not only will the light turn on if it senses motion, but it will stay on so that you can eat or hang out in your backyard no matter how dark it is outside.

Brighten Your Backyard With These Outdoor Solar Light Ideas

Whether you’re looking to add a sense of drama to your backyard or to increase security during the night, there’s never a wrong reason to brighten up your outdoor space. Now that you’re aware of these great outdoor solar light ideas, you can pick out some lighting with confidence. Enjoy!

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