Best Science Fiction Movies/Shows to Stream This Season

Best Science Fiction Movies
Written by Vijay Dabade

Science fiction content was once a rarity, but now it has become quite popular and prevalent.  There is a plethora of options available from dystopian futures, robots taking over the world, apocalypses, to alien invasions. But so many options always means confusion. Which one should you opt for? Well, you have come to the right place because we are going to tell you just that.

 The expanse (tv series)

The Expanse is a TV series currently streaming on Amazon Prime that shows a future in which mankind has colonized the entire solar system and is now divided into 3 nations. The people of the Earth are governed by the United Nations. The people of Mars are governed by the Martian Congressional Republic and the people of the belt who live among spacecraft around the other planets are divided into factions. The belt is the space version of a ghetto. 

There is a power struggle among these three groups. And between this power struggles there is drama, love, space battles, and alien forces beyond human comprehension. This show has some of the most realistic space battles and some of the most lovable characters. And ever since the show got picked up by Amazon, the show has become a lot more visually stunning due to increased budget! This is one underrated show that you must not miss out on.

SNOWPIERCER (TV Series and movie)

First came the books, then the movie and then the show. This series shows a future in which human carbon emissions have pushed the Earth into another ice age. Almost all life is dead and what remains of humans, plants, animals is all aboard a train called a snow piercer with tracks all across the world. The engine must keep running in order for all life on the train to survive. This show is all drama, conflicts, politics, class system and essence of human nature confined to the cabins of a train. So in short, this series has it all. The movie and the TV show have a different storyline and both are worth watching. In addition, it is suiting in this current winter weather. Perhaps this may be our own future one day if we continue to pollute the Earth at this rate. 


Okay, so anything with Will Smith and a dog living in a post zombie apocalyptic world is bound to be good. This movie is 14 years old now but is still one of the best science fiction movies out there. Watch the two try to survive and figure out how to save what remains of humanity. 

Make sure you watch the director’s cut version since it has a better ending. Once you are done watching, please petition for a sequel. 


The original cloverfield is one unique movie. It shows a monster attacking NYC and a group of friends trying to survive the entire ordeal. Doesn’t it sound unique, right? Well, what sets this movie apart is that the entire film appears as it’s recorded on the video camera of one of the people in the group so be ready for a  lot of camera shake and motion sickness. 

This movie was followed by 10 cloverfield lanes, a sequel but an entirely different story of a girl kidnapped and kept in the basement of a creepy delusional guy while this entire apocalypse is going on. Watch her make sense of everything around her and escape. Lastly, cloverfield paradox, a prequel showing how the entire monster ordeal came to be. These 3 movies you just cannot ever miss out on. Ever. 


I am mother is a Netflix exclusive movie showing a girl raised by a robot in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world where humans have gone to a mass extinction. Watch the girl make some shocking discoveries around her and have mixed feelings about everything especially her robot mother. Ignore what the critics say about this movie; it’s different and that alone makes it worth the watch.


The Mandalorian is a science fiction series based on the Star Wars universe. We are going to cut through a boring description about this show and let you know that this show is where all the baby yoda memes come from. That alone makes it worth the watch. Watch a bounty hunter travel across the universe and have his destiny bound to a child connected to the force. This show has some of the most beautiful visuals you will ever see on TV. The best part about this show is that you do not need to be familiar with the star wars universe in order to understand it. So be ready to say aww and stream this show now!


This TV show shows an alternative reality where technology is our biggest enemy. In fact, it is not an alternative reality but the potential of our own reality—social media distancing us from living and humans becoming too dependent on technology. This show has it all. Every episode has a different story . However, one particular episode called Bandersnatch is like a role playing video game where you make the choices and you get the ending you deserve. It is less of an episode and more of a video game. This show is dark and it is thrilling. So get on your couch, tune into Netflix and be prepared to have your mind blown.


If you want to watch a science fiction movie that is beautiful and just makes you feel warm, then this one it is. Oblivion starring Tom Cruise shows a drone repairman stationed on a ruined Earth figuring out whether he is who he thinks he is. Watch him travel across some beautiful scenes, battle drones, fall in love and survive. Spoiler, the ending may make you cry. 


This show is somewhat of a TV series version of I am mother but darker, a lot darker. Watch colony ships that have left a ruined Earth find new planets to start again. The thing that sets this show aside from the rest is that there are two factions in it: atheists and an extremist religious group and their battle ruined earth. Now they are both on the same new planet. Watch a robot raise kids and become the most dangerous weapon on the planet. This show is new with a lot of potential, so do try it. 

Ready to binge watch?

That concludes our list. You really cannot go wrong with any show/movie on it so drop all your weekend plans and start streaming these now! While there are many options for internet service available in the market, you may want to consider subscribing to internet packages from Spectrum Internet Service  for a trouble free experience. 

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