Best 3 Liter Prestige Pressure Cooker In India 2018-2019

pressure cooker is widely used utensil around the globe, almost in every kitchen you’ll find pressure cookers. Due to its fast cooking efficiency and nutrient preserving ability in foods, the pressure cooker is the most popular choice for the people in India.

Comparing to the convection method the pressure cookers need little to no effort in operating and maintaining, moreover by using the pressure cookers you can minimize the expenditure of energy and time.

How Pressure Cooker Works?

A pressure cooker is made of on the principle of thermodynamics, according to the law of thermodynamic pressure and temperature are directly related to each other. So, as the pressure increase in the cooker, the temperature also increases and vice versa. Which results in faster cooking. 

best 3 liter prestige pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is made in such a way that when the lid is well sealed and tightly locked down the vapour pressure rises with temperature and the pressure can’t relieve itself by pushing the lid up. The energy you put into heating the food and water stays in the pot and heats up the pot faster, after a certain amount of time pressure inside of it reaches to its limit and creates enough power to push the lid up and escape.

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Advantages Of Using Pressure Cooker

  • Cooking foods in a pressure cooker is more efficient than using pots, burners and pan since foods require less cooking time consume less energy and saves time.
  • Cooking foods in the pressure cooker is faster and requires less liquid which tends to preserve the maximum nutrition and vitamins than the traditional way of cooking. 
  • By cooking in a pressure cooker you can minimize the cleaning of utensils.
  • You don’t have to actively focus on cooking while cooking in a pressure cooker which gives you some space to focus on some other things.
  • A pressure cooker is engineered carefully taking every safety measure in mind. There are at least 3 levels of safety mechanism equipped in pressure cookers, including safety valve, gaskets and plugs.

Of course, there are many more advantages which you’ll eventually experience while using it.

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Best 3 Liter Prestige Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker usually comes with different forms and sizes depending upon their capacities, you can get the range of 1 to 10 Liter sized pressure cookers in the market. Now it depends on the quantity or amount of foods you want to cook at a time.

If you have a small family of 2-3 members than you can go for 3 or 4 litres sized pressure cooker. And If you have a larger family of 5-8 members than you can go for 5-10 Litres sized pressure cooker.

In this article, I have listed the best Prestige Pressure Cooker which you can buy without a doubt as all of the products here are listed after extensive research and observations.

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Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker

This is one of popular and mostly purchased Prestige pressure cooker in the market, this model has been purchased over 4000/- times from Amazon. It has the ratings of 3.5 and lots of positive users feedback which makes it to the top in the list.

This cooker is made of high quality virgin aluminium which ensures that this pressure cooker will last long even if it is used regularly. Its base is made of thick machine pressed aluminium and body is made of virgin aluminum which makes this cooker light weight and extreme durability. 

It comes with a durable plastic handle which will provide you extra grip and comfort while protecting you from heat handling it. The precision weight valve is the first level of safety measure which is made of brass and coated with steel to make it last longer and durable. The gasket and the Metallic safety plug is 2nd and 3rd level safety measure integrated in it which makes this cooker extremely safe to use. 

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Prestige Nakshatra Alpha Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

This set of pressure cooker is compact in size, perfect for keeping and storing on kitchen racks and baskets. Its body is made of stainless steel and base is made of high-quality aluminium which is covered with extra disk-shaped metal at the centre of the base. The sandwich base provides the even heat distribution while cooking in gas stoves as well as on Induction cooktops. 

For safety it has 3 level of protection including gasket, valve and metal plate. However, it is recommended to check and clean the safety holes once in a week just to make sure that everything works fine. The plastics and all the other material used in this cooker is good in quality, overall this cooker is perfect for smaller sized families and worth checking out.

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