Best Egg Boiler And Egg Poacher In India 2020

Egg Boiler minimizes the efforts to prepare boiled eggs and saves a lot of time. Boiling egg traditionally is not that easy as it may seem. For many of us, don’t know the measurement of water poured into the vessel when boiling eggs. How long should we keep the eggs in the fires? How much time does it will require? and so on. We have been into disasters like overboiled,  half boiled eggs, water dryness, and leaking of white yolk cracked while boiling, etc.

An egg boiler can take care of all these things while giving you the freedom to enjoy the freshly boiled eggs at the speed of light. Eggs are nutritionally rich, thus keeping a boiled egg in our diet plan is beneficial. Even, doctors recommend. Check out the best egg boilers in India of 2019 below

Best Egg Boiler in India

#1 Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-Watt

Best egg boiler in India

Kent instant egg boiler is the most selling egg boiler in India. You can boil up to 7 eggs at one go within a period of 3 minutes. This egg boiler weighs about 1.16 kg and has all the necessary functions to provide you the hassle-free operation.

The body is made of good quality stainless steel and consumes the power up to 360 watts. There are options for the type of eggs you want to get boiled, soft, medium, and hard, depending on which the amount of water is supplied.

It has the safety measure such as automatic shut off, once the eggs are boiled and if the temperature is getting too high. It’s very easy to operate, you just need to pour the correct amount of water, using the cup comes attached to the package.

And select the appropriate setting according to the amount of water you’ve poured, there are three options to select from such as soft, medium and hard. The eggs boiled in the egg boilers retain more nutrition, which usually tends to get destroyed due to high imbalance temperature in the traditional boiling method. On the other hand, it only takes 3 minutes.

#2 Glive’s Electric 2 Layer Egg Boiler Poacher

Best egg boiler in India

Glive egg boiler offers you to prepare 14 eggs at a single time. This egg boiler is perfect for families having large number of members. This egg boiler is not just a boiler it also gives you the ability to prepare foods which required steaming. You may have seen, to prepare large quantity of eggs boiling inside a single pot is difficult, either the eggs cracked up or the boiled eggs are not evenly boiled.

When it comes to boil eggs evenly egg boilers are the best, and with the large quantity like the Gliv’s egg boiler you don’t have to worry again. This egg boiler efficiently prepares boiled eggs instanlty, within a minute or two.

Very easy to operate and assemble the parts, just pour the appropriate water and switch the button on. The boiler will automatically shut down ones the eggs are ready to be served.

#3 Stvin Double Layer Electric Egg Poacher

Best egg boiler in India

This electric egg boiler is another all in one kitchen utility for you. Stvin double layer egg poacher has the capacity up to boil 14 eggs at one go. It takes up to 3 to 5 minutes to completely boil the eggs which are super fast. Other than boiling eggs you can also use this poacher as a steaming utensil. There is a on-off switch at the bottom part for controlling the poacher and has the inbuilt auto-off function to prevent the machine from overheating or overcooking.

You’ll get a measuring cup with it with which you can pour the right amount of water. In terms of design it is perfect for its price range. The best part of this egg poacher is its transparent cover glass.

#4 Black & Decker Appliances BXEG2801IN 280 Watt Egg Cooker

Best egg boiler in India

Decker is one of the famous brands in India for kitchen and home appliances, thousands of Indian kitchens have proudly relied on this brand for ages and there are little to no complaints about the brand its quality and features of the products.

This particular egg boiler is equipped with lots of useful features to provide you a pleasurable egg boiling experience.This boiler comes with six eggs cooking racks and two poaching pans has a nice transparent plastic cover and a filling cup.

The best thing about this egg boiler is it has the dry boiling safety mechanism to protect the machine from damages may occur by heat and temperature caused when the water is dried up.

#5 Russell Hobbs REG300 300-Watt Fully Automatic Egg Cooker

Best egg boiler in India

Russel Hobbs REG300 is another best egg boiler you can buy. This egg boiler is almost similar to the previous boiler black & Decker, and only the difference is it has a higher wattage than the previous one. The higher watt power also fastens up the boiling as a result decrease in the time required to boil the eggs.

It comes with all the other benefits that you can expect in a good good quality egg boiler. Therefore, six eggs cooking racks and two poaching pans, transparent plastic cover and a filling cup. Russel hobbs is well reknown brand whole around the world so you can rely on the product without any second thought about the product quality.

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