Best Hand Juicer In India 2020 Price, Pros and Cons Review

July 20, 2020

Hand Press Juicer or Manual Juicer is the cheapest form of Juicer that everyone can own to prepare a cup of fresh fruit and vegetable juice every morning and evening. This type of juicer doesn’t require any electricity or power source to get the job done, but the power source will be your hand muscle and energy to make the auger spin by rotating the handle.

Using a hand juicer has its benefits. You’ll get better quality of juice even though it takes much longer time to prepare. The nutrients in the juice will be much higher in ratio than the ones which are being prepared in the motorized juicer where you don’t control over the heat and pressure applied. Unless its a highly expensive electric juicer, a hand press juicer is better for preparing healthy nutrient-rich juice.

Comparing to the motorized juicer a hand juicer is less efficient and require a lot of manual work, such as, cutting the fruits and vegetables into smaller chunks. And then pour the pieces into the mouth sieve. After that rotating the handle manually and so on. Hand juicer usually doesn’t come with a large capacity, means there are only 300 ml to 500 ml of juice you can make in one go.

However, if you have a limited budget and time in your hand, then you can go for hand press juicer or else you can also buy the best citrus fruit juicer in India.

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Best Hand Juicer In India 2019

1. Ganesh Fruit & Vegetable Steel Handle Juicer

best hand juicer

Ganesh fruit and vegetable juicer is the best hand press juicer in India right now. The quality of the product is super and the highest-selling hand press juicer on Amazon.

There are lots of useful features available in this hand press juicer such as antiskid vacuum feet, steel handle, anti-drip cap, etc. Apart from its valuable features, the material used in this hand press juicer is of high quality.

Strongly built sturdy and robust design. The transparent glass around the filter mesh helps in observing how well the fruits are being squeezed.

As it does not require any electricity to run, you can easily carry it on your picnic holidays to prepare fruit juice at the comfort.

The compact size and disassemble features in small parts make it easier to wash and maintain. The best thing I like about this hand press juicer is its transparent plastic cover and anti-skid vacuum feet.

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2. Qualimate Hand Juicer with Steel Handle Vacuum Locking System

Best hand press juicer

This juicer is another powerful hand juicer which comes with steel handle and steel mesh filter for smooth squeezing fruits and vegetable. In terms of efficiency, this juicer can make any soft fruit and vegetable juice easily. You can not expect it to make juice from hard fruits and vegetable. Although, chopping up the fruits into small pieces will make it easier but I don’t recommend you to prepare the hard fruit and vegetable juice with any of the hand press juicer.

This juicer comes with all the other features that we can expect to have in hand press juicer, such as anti-skid vacuum feet, pusher, anti-drip cap, etc. But the unique thing about this hand press juicer is the material used to build it. I like the steel handle and the plastics used in this juicer. The mesh is also made of string steel so you can expect it to have the high breakable resistivity.

When it comes to healthy, hygiene is also the priority, so to keep the juicer functional for a longer period cleaning must be done. To clean this juicer, you can use mild detergents and soaps as it is totally dishwasher safe. Dissemble and assembling is not that hard. Keeping the parts open in air for pet dry is recommended before assembling for storing. As it will keep the parts of the juicer safe, new and shining.

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3. Floraware Plastic Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

Best hand press juicer

Another best selling hand press juicer which comes with all the necessary features for the smooth juicing session. Floraware is your all in one hand press juicer which can prepare any soft fruits and vegetable juice without any ease.

You can prepare lemon juice, mosambi juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, etc. For hard fruits, preparing juice might be little more work to do such as chopping up the carrots into small pieces before pouring it into the mouth sieve and pressing the pusher against the fruits in the mouth sieve along with circulating the steel handle might take little more effort. Instead, if you can increase your budget a little more, then a centrifugal juicer will make the job a whole lot easier.

However, if your goal is to prepare only soft fruit and veggies, this hand press juicer is a perfect fit. Floraware hand press juicer comes with steel mesh and steel handle which ensures the long life span, and better performance. The plastic material used for other parts is also of good quality.

There is an anti-drip cap and transparent mouth sieve which gives a better look and measurement while making juice. The only drawback of this juicer is instead of vacuum feet it comes with a rubber band at the bottom for friction resistance to keep the juicer from skidding.

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4. BluZon® Premium Kitchen Tools Combo of Green Manual Juicer

best hand juicer

Like all the other manual juicer you have come through, this one is also the same. It has all the features like the other ones listed here. Apart from the manual juicer, the package comes with kitchen tools combo. Where you’ll get two more items and accessories for cutting and peeling fruits and veggies. You’ll get a multi slicer with six different blades, and  Onion, Vegetable, Fruit and Cheese Chopper, and peeler. The plastic material used in the juicer is not up to that mark comparing to the other hand press juicer, however, strong enough for making soft fruit juices, of course, the price justifies with the other accessories it provides.

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5. SIDDHMURTI Dhyani Plastic 2-in-1 Multi-Use Hand Press Manual Juicer

best hand juicer

This one is not a hand press juicer. It’s a simple and unique kitchen tool for extracting citrus and pomegranate type of fruits, thus I call it citrus juicer. Instead of the drill against the mesh, it works based on squeezing to extract the citrus type of fruits. This type of manual juicer best suits for lemons, limes, orange, pomegranate, lime fresh, watermelon, and grapefruit. The vertical filter collects the pulps and seeds from the fruit while filtering the fresh juice in the 350 ml glass mug. The parts of the juicer such as lipped bowl,  stainer, and grids are easily removable and easy to wash with soaps and detergent.

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Hand Press Juicer Anatomy

Anatomy Hand Press Juicer
Hand Press Juicer Anatomy

How To Assemble and Dissamble Manual Hand Press Juicer And Clean?

How to Assemble?

  1. At first you need place the MAIN BODY to the working platform, as Shown in the Figure.
  2. After that insert the SCRE in the main body.
  3. Insert he STEEL MESH over the screw, make sure that the bigger circle should be pointed towards the screw.
  4. Now take Main Nut and turn it Anticlockwise to lock it.
  5. Adjust the Handle to the Screw.
  6. Attache the LOCK NUT to the Handle turn it Anticlockwise to Lock it.

How to Dissemble?

To disassemble, you need to do just the opposite of assembling. Follow the steps given below.

  1. First, you need to unlock the handle by turning the Lock Nut clockwise.
  2. Now remove the SCREW from the main MAIN BODY, and then turn the MAIN NUT Clockwise.
  3. Remove the STEEL MESH from the Screw.
  4. That’s it; all the parts are dissembled, now you can easily clean the juicer. You can use a brush to clean steel mesh.

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