Best Soundbar in India Reviews 2020

December 2, 2020

Hello! Are you a fan of home cinema? We bet you are. Have you ever felt like if there is no air you can’t breathe? Then without Soundbar, your LED TV set is nothing. Without the best soundbar, you will not be able to enjoy the perfect experience of your life. In this high-tech modern world, this is the age of LED TV generation where we all prefer slimmer and stylish than the old trunk of TV sets. Every one of us prefers full HD, 4K TV to experience the out of the world visuals with the highest quality.

However, every user tends to purchase additional speakers for their television set. So, in this case, try out the best soundbar which is available in India which will suit your TV Set perfectly as compared to the speaker. So, here we will talk about the best soundbar in India which will provide you with a lifetime experience with visual and sound quality. So, let’s have a look at it right now.

Best soundbar in India

Best Soundbar in India

Sometimes we always make a bad decision by buying a product that will be best, but however, it doesn’t that makes us disappointed. Thus, we begin to question our choice and ask ourselves where do I find the best Soundbar in India, and what are they? So, here we bring you all the details about the best soundbar in India that will satisfy all your doubts.

1. Mi Soundbar with eight-speaker drivers

Brand: MI
Connector Type: Bluetooth, AUX
Battery: Lithium Ion
Frequency: 50Hz to 25000Hz
Best Feature: Features 8 sound drivers that will improve your movie viewing, gameplay and music playback, Enhanced base

Here we have for you the first best soundbar in India which it picked up for you. The soundbar comes with an eight-speaker driver, which is perfect for those Mi lovers. It also comes with solo and also has connectivity with multiple options. It supports S/PDIF, Aux-in, optical, and line-in connectivity ports with Bluetooth connectivity which is high speed i.e 4.2LE.

Apart from this, the soundbar can be connected be it your TV, Phone, Laptops and much more. In fact, it comes with port connectivity where you can locate at the rear end and with a dedicated deep section.

  • It is very light and easy to connect and install on your devices
  • It provides you with eight sound speaker driver
  • Provides multiple connectivities
  • The design brings you a contemporary look to your home interior.
  • The first disadvantage of this sounbar is that there is no remote control
  • There are no setting options for sound like bass or treble

2. Boat Aavante Soundbar Speaker With Subwoofer

Brand: Boat
Connector Type: Bluetooth, AUX
Battery: Alkaline
Frequency: 72 dB
Best Feature: 2.1 channel surround sound, 40W wired subwoofer connection, Premium HD sound with 80W R.M.S with a maximum output of 120watts

If you are looking for an elegant soundbar along with some excellent woofer then BoAt Soundbar is perfect for your home theatre. It comes with multiple connectivity’s along with different compatibility options. It can easily connect to any of your devices be it TV, or any other. The output of the soundbar comes with 120watt RMS and subwoofer which is down-firing of 60 watts. It provides you with 2.1 channel surround which sound is best for your cinematic experience.

  • The soundbar is affordable for those who want to buy
  • It comes with a channel of 2.1 along with surround sound
  • Provides with Subwoofer along with multiple options
  • Also comes with a remote control which makes it easier to operate them.
  • However, the HDMI cable cannot be included in this soundbar which is the only bad thing about it.

3. JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar

Brand: JBL 
Connector Type: Wireless Music Streaming with Bluetooth
Battery: Lithium Ion
Frequency: 72 dB
Best Feature: JBL surround sound with Power Output of 30W, It is compatible with anything like Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, optical, DC, and Aux.

Here we have yet another soundbar for your home theatre, the JBL bar studio wireless soundbar by Harman. It comes with built-in dual bass ports and a wireless soundbar along with connectivity like HDMI, Aux, USB, etc. the design of the soundbar is pretty impressive like any other JBL products.

This soundbar is perfect for those who love music, movie and much more. Here, you will experience as if you are in some movie theatre because of the multichannel audio features and can take it into new level.

  • It comes with a surround sound
  • Comes with modes of multi-level sound
  • The audio quality of the soundbar is superior clarity
  • It also supplied an optical cord along with a soundbar
  • Positive
  • The only demerit about this soundbar is that the remote control is sub-standard.

4. Philips HTLI5IOB/94 2.1 Channel Soundbar

Connector Type: Wireless, Bluetooth
Battery: Lithium Ion
Frequency: 72 dB
Best Feature: Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, TV, Display has AUTO DIMMING feature, AUDIO DELAY Feature.

This soundbar provides you the best quality with a long-lasting soundbar along with a wireless subwoofer, where you can place it anywhere wherever you want. It comes with an output of 70 watts along with 2 speakers of 40 watts subwoofer. This can be connected easily be it with your TV, DVD, gaming consoles, MP3 players, and much more.

It brings you many connectivity options like Aux, HDMI cable, optical cable ad Bluetooth. This soundbar comes with a feature of two channels along with a full range of drivers where you can hear the clear sound as if you are having a cinematic experience in your home.

  • The maximum output of the soundbar of 70 watts
  • It comes with a compatible like Aux, HDMI, optical cable
  • It provides you multiple connectivities
  • Comes with wireless woofer
  • It can be easily connected on any of your devices be it your iPod, iPhone, Mp3 players, and much more
  • It also features two channels with a sound of full-range drivers
  • The only con of this soundbar is due to low wattage of the sound output.
  • Negative

5. Bose Solo 5 Soundbar Speakers

Brand: BOSE
Connector Type: Wired, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Battery: Lithium Ion
Frequency: 72 dB
Best Feature: Dialogue mode to make every word and detail stand out, Universal remote controls TV, bass, Bluetooth connections and more.

The brand name bose says it all right, as it delivers the best and high sound quality for their customers. This soundbar is very affordable that will let you get engaged in the powerful bass along with the clear sound. It also comes with a universal remote that can be used for all kinds of devices. If we come to the connectivity, all you need to do is sit relax and buy the product as it has everything you need to connect your devices, such as coaxial, optical along with 3.5mm auxiliary connectivity for your Bluetooth device as well.

The manufacturer of this product is setting for its customers to the next level which will ease down like good and loud music. In fact, you might level up all your gaming experience, movies just by increasing the bass with just one touch of the remote. It brings a new feature of Solo 5 Soundbar which has an auto wake system function which helps you to sense and detect any nearby music and automatically starts.


  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • It comes with a dimension of 8.6×54.6×7.1 cm and it weighs 1.68kg
  • It also comes with connectivity like wireless, Bluetooth, optical, and much more.
  • It is compatible with all kinds of smart devices along with Bluetooth
  • With the help of universal remote control, it makes it easier to use
  • It is a light weighted standalone device
  • It is easily accessible with less productive modes of the soundbar
  • It can be connected with a TV easily
  • The sound is crystal clear along with enhanced dialogue feature.
  • There is no HDMI connectivity
  • However, the bass is not strong enough
  • It is really expensive as compared to other

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Buyer’s Guide in order to buy the best Soundbars in India

Sometimes, you might be looking for the speaker for your home theatre and ends up getting confused about which one to buy right. You always end up getting the speaker for your home theatre because of the length of the soundbars. But due to varieties of speakers whether it is wireless, with a cable or anything will of course make you confuse. However, don’t worry we are here to help you with our buyer’s guide about the soundbars available in India.


The most important is the connectivity of the soundbar either it can be a deal-breaker or a deal maker. As you can get various separates extended sound systems along with updated technology, but you might face some issues as well. So, therefore, if you want to purchase a soundbar then must purchase with multiple connectivity options like HDMI, AUX, etc. Thus it will help you to get connected with various devices along with different connectivity, which will safeguard the usage of your soundbar that is available for you.


The primary source of the soundbar is the sound and audio enhancement while you purchase it. Therefore, it is a must look for a good quality of sound, along with enhanced audio, etc. for your cinematic experiences. Apart from this, you can also go for Dolby digital audio formats like soundbars with high resolutions and with never like audio experience.


While purchasing a soundbar, Subwoofer is a must to buy for your home theatre for the bass which will blow your music. However, many soundbars usually do not provide woofers. A subwoofer is nothing but adds sufficient bass and bang which will create magic in your music. This is perfect for those music lovers or party animals which will give you like party feelings in your home.


Always look for the controls which are ideal for your home theatre easily, the remote control of the soundbars will help you in setting controls of the system from a distance. It gives you the setting of various sounds in order to get a better and more personalized experience.

As you know, soundbars come with HDMI connectivities it has to establish two-way connections that facilitate all the controls with your same remote which is connected.


Lastly, the budget. Budget is the basis which we forget while purchasing the product and criticizing the product without knowing its features or even output. Sometimes, people have the wrong idea that with a low budget you can get everything but in reality, it doesn’t. You can’t have everything in any product with just a limited budget.

However, it doesn’t mean that you must purchase for the higher price soundbars. One must look for the price as well as the features which will give you the right choice of your own. So, you can look for the products which are close to your fitting budgets as well as your needs along with the best quality but not for the brand name must not go for it and buy.


So, here we will end our article by saying is discard all your idea about spending a bulky amount for your home theatres. All you need to do is give a chance to the soundbars, in order to charm you with lots of amazing features at affordable prices for your home. Now, for those who still have confusion in buying the soundbars, you can go through our buyer’s guide from the above and help yourself out. So, what are you waiting for now that you have the list of complete best soundbars available in India we just hope you will not get puzzled while purchasing it anymore. However, you must note that to restrain yourself in matching along with your home theatre since the soundbars are just alternatives. So, start making your own lists of requirements and grab one the right one for your home theatre and start experiencing the never had with great sound quality but with affordable price along with good connecting option


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