6 Best Toaster In India 2020 | Pros & Cons, And Reviews

December 21, 2020

Toaster comes in handy whenever there is a requirement for making snacks instantly. Whether for an evening tea break or breakfast keeping a Toaster in your kitchen will save you a lot of time and money. Besides, a toaster often uses six times less energy than an electric oven or gas stoves.

There are numerous advantages associated with using a toaster on a daily basis, due to which we have decided to make a curated list of the best toaster in India to help you pick the right one. We look into different aspects of Toaster and mainly considered its design, slice slot capacity, power consumption, and space required on the benchtop based on the reviews and expert suggestion of genuine users.

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Best Toaster In India 2020


Philips HD2582 Pop Up Toaster – (Editors Choice)

Capacity: 2 slice slot.
Power: 830 Watts.
Weight: 1.18 Kg.
Browning Control: 8 settings.
More Features: Variable browning control with cancel function, Cancel button to stop toasting at any time, Integrated bun rack for heating rolls, pastries, or buns.

Philips HD2582/00 830 W Pop Up Toaster is one of the most elegant yet affordable in this line up of best toaster in India. It comes with all the features that you’ll want to see in a toaster. It comes with two bread slice slots and Integrated bun rack for heating rolls, pastries or buns. The bread crumb collector is removable and thus easy to clean. It consumes 850-watt power of energy to prepare well browned toasted bread within a matter of few minutes. You’ll get the option to select the amount of browning up to 8 levels, as well as cancel heating at any time just by clicking the stop button. You have full control over the toaster and perform the operation just the way you want, It also has reheat and defrosts function which makes it more convenient for everyday use. 

  • Racks for heating sandwiches.
  • A quick stop and an eject button for manual operation.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Length of the wire is short.
  • Comes with only with one variant of color(White).

Capacity: 2 slice slot.
Power: 650 Watts.
Weight: 1.74 Kg.
Browning Control: 5 settings.
More Features: 
Hi-lift feature for removing small slices of bread, Variable browning control with cancel function, Crumb tray and wider slots for the variable size of bread, Anti-slip feet design, Automatic pop-up.

Morphy Richards AT-201 is one of the best energy efficient pop-up toasters. Which comes with 2 slice slot capacity and consumes 650-watt power. Due to its less power consumption, it may take a few more seconds to get the job done comparing to other models though keeps your pockets easy. The Hi-lift feature makes it easier to clean and the slots are made wider in size to adjust with variably sized bread. Compact design takes less space on coutertops. Preety light weight. You have options for cancel and 7 level setting to adjsut the browning according to your preferences. The body of the toaster is made of high-quality plastic and desined in such  a way that it remains cool while the bread are being toasted. Also, it has an anti-skid base which protects the machine from sliding.

  • Consumes less power
  • Easy to clean.
  • Wider slice slots.
  • Small sized bread doesn’t fly off properly.
  • Complains about customer support.

Capacity: 2 slice slot.
Power: 750 Watts.
Weight: 1.03 Kg.
Browning Control: 5 settings.
More Features: Variable browning control (5 settings) with mid-cycle cancel feature, Anti-slip feet design, Automatic pop-up, Cord storage at the bottom, 6-meter cord length. 

The best part about this toaster is it has the cord storage at the base which makes it easy to store making it a less messy, the wire is long enough and suitable for normal home or kitchen boards. You have the option to control the amount of browning at five level settings as well as you can also cancel the browning at any time in mid-cycle which adds up to its pros. The removable crumb tray protects inside of it from dust and looks pretty good on top. The outer body is made of plastic material which insulates the heat. This pop-up toaster weighs about 1.03 kilograms. makes it lighter than other yet built in quality is good enough to withstand the everyday wear and tear for a long time.

  • Cord storage at the base makes it less messy and easy to store.
  • You can cancel browning at mid-cycle, and start reheating again.
  • Only normal sized bread can be toasted.

Capacity: 1 slice slot.
Power: 800 Watts.
Weight: 1.2 Kg.
Browning Control: Not applicable.
Warranty: 1 year.
More Features: Fixed grill plates, Non-stick heating plate, Elegant black finish body, 800 watts power, One year warranty.

Toasted bread and sandwiches are the two primary and easy to prepare food for breakfast. As for pop toaster and sandwich maker, both are almost similar, so we thought you might also like this sandwich maker. Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich maker is one of the best affordable high-quality sandwich makers, you can purchase. This sandwich maker has fixed grill plates and a non-stick heating plate. In terms of design, this product looks absolutely elegant and for sure it will look great in your kitchen too. PGMFB comes with 800 watts power which makes it energy efficient and reliable toaster.

There are two LED indicator red and green. Greenlight indicate the grill is ready and red light indicates it’s plugged in or preheated. The best part of this sandwich maker is it has the ergonomic handle, which is heat resistant and lets it operate seamlessly without any risk of burning. The overall weight of the Prestige Sandwich maker is 1.2 kg, which I think is a little heavier. But it can give you another benefit of not slipping or topple from the table.

Capacity: 4 slice slot.
Power: 1800 Watts.
Weight: 3.25 Kg.
Browning Control: Yes
Warranty: 1 year.
More Features: 7 multiple toast settings, Automatic safety shut-off, Non-slip feet, Cord storage To toast 2 slices independently or 4 at the same time, Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning, Reheat setting warms or further browns just toasted bread.

If you are looking for a toaster that can prepare four breads at a time than Philips HD2647 will be the best choice. Recommended for large families, and people who want to optimize their time more efficiently. Get this Toaster to prepare four pieces of toasted bread quickly at morning hours when everyone is in a hurry. Philips HD2647  powered with 1800 watt/AC and weigh up to 3.25 kg.

It has everything that you would want to see in a good quality toaster. Extra-wide slice slots, regulator browning options, defrost and reheat options, crumb tray, hi-lift, etc. In terms of design, this model looks classic, and the build quality is strong and sturdy. Many of its genuine users have been using this model for a long period of time and still, there are is no major complaint about the product. Other then the two regulator controls for browning, each one for 2 slots, everything else is perfect.

  • It has the anti-skid rubber at the bottom which gives a good grip on the benchtop and prevents from toppling
  • The outside of the toaster stays cool hence, it is safer.
  • The slice slots are extra wide and extra deep.
  • Length of the power wire is short.
  • Two separate controls for browning instead of one. Which makes extra work unnecessary.


Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Automatic Pop-up Toaster – (Editors Choice)

Capacity: 4 slice slot.
Power: 1500 Watts.
Weight: 3.25 Kg.
Browning Control: Yes
Warranty: 2 year.
More Features: 4 Slice Pop-up Toaster, Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Body, 1250/1500 Watt Power, Dual Browning Control, 7 Stage Heat Settings, Cancel, Reheat and Defrost Function, Bread Centering Facility, High Rise Carriage Handle, Individual Removable Crumb Tray.

This product is one of the best 4 slice toaster that comes with all the necessary features we want in a pop-up toaster. With its premium looking design and steel brass materials gives it a shiny and attractive looks.

The toasts made with this toaster comes with evenly browned not only it has the four slice slots it also let’s you to choose the slots individually. It comes with its unique bread centering facility and high carriage handle so there would be no issue even if the breads are small or large. Like every other toaster it has all the basic things like cancel, reheat and defrost function, including the removable crumb tray.

Russel Hobbs is a good choice if you want 4 slice slots roaster.

  • Individual function for each slots makes it outstanding from other toasters.
  • The body of the toaster is strong and keeps it cool.
  • The slice slots are extra wide and extra deep.
  • Negative

Best Toaster In India Buyer’s Guide

The toaster is a simple yet powerful kitchen gadget for making tastier bread toast and sandwiches. It makes the bread crunchy and brown from outside. Apart from that toaster can save lots of your time and money in the long term. There are different types of toaster available nowadays from pop-up toaster to convectional toaster. Standard toaster to sandwich toaster.

It does make us a little confusing to decide which one to buy. And that is why we need proper research and information before making a purchase. In this buyer’s guide, we tried to put every little detail that could help you to pick the right one.

Higher The Number Of Slots The Better It Would Be

The sole purpose of a toaster is to prepare bread every day. Usually, a standard toaster comes with 2 slice slots that can prepare 2 pieces of bread at a time. Depending on the number of person in your family, if you have a large number of members a 2-slice slot toaster won’t be efficient. Because the task of preparing bread for everyone would be daunting and time-consuming. Instead, you can go for the toaster which provides more slice slot than 2, like Philips HD2647/20 1800-Watt 4 Slice Toaster. For single or bachelors, a double slice slot toaster is perfect. Depending on your budget you can go for Philips HD2582/00 830 W Pop Up Toaster.

Safety Is The First Priority

A toaster is dangerous if not handled properly, while turned on the electricity is running throughout the coils so make sure not to place the toaster near water or touch the inner parts with any metal objects. Toaster having no automatic stop features should be avoided because if any toaster left turned on for a longer period of time fire might catch up. Toaster without cool touch layer outside is risky. You should look for the toaster which comes with a heat protection layer outside.

Best Toaster – Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean the Toaster?

Cleaning a toaster is not rocket science, you can easily clean the toaster with just a few simple steps. At first, you need to make sure that the toaster is not connected to an electric socket for safety as it may be dangerous if the toaster is malfunctioned while cleaning. Now you have to remove the tray and bread crumbs from the toaster and clean them with water or damp cloths to remove the stains. You can use a mild detergent or dishwasher if necessary. It is recommended to clean the toaster after every twice or thrice use of it.

How to use a toaster?

Put the slices of bread into the slot and plug in the socket, after that choose the number slot which has the bread in it. if the toaster has the browning control you can set the desired option. The final step is to set the minutes to toast, most probably 2 minutes is the ideal time for toasters to toast. Once the toasting is done the toaster will automatically stop the toasting.

What kind of bread can be used to toast?

You can use all kinds of bread to toast, the only thing matter is the size of the bread. The bread should be cut and sliced in such a way that it can be put inside the slots. You can either do it manually or you can buy bread which is already sliced, there are lots of options out there in the market. Make sure that the bread slice of bread is thin and fresh so that you get the best out of your toaster.

What is the purpose of Browning Control?

In most of the toaster, there is a feature given known as browning control. A lot of you might have some confusion regarding this feature. Well, as the name suggests with the browning control you can set the texture of the bread how much brown you want the bread to be, by adjusting the different temperature levels in the browning control knob. It is great if you want to eat crispy bread than you can set to the highest and for those who prefer less crispy they can set the temperature low.

How long does a toaster last?

Just like any other home kitchen appliances a toaster runs for a longer period of time, it totally depends upon the person and the maintenance. Usually, you can use a good quality toaster of about 5-10 years, depending upon the quality and materials used in it.

Is it safe to insert the hands while placing the bread inside the toaster?

No. It is not safe to insert the hands while placing the bread inside the toaster. A toaster is coiled with the heating element and the electric current is running through it so it is not safe.

Can the bread be toasted in the toaster with butter or cheese?

Yes, you can apply butter and cheese on the bread and then put the bread inside the slot. However, after every toasting session make sure to clean the bread crumbs, if not that burning smell of butter and cheese will damage your toasts and also damage the toaster in the long run.

Is it not important to pause the toaster and check the bread so that it doesn’t get burnt?

Not really, as the toaster nowadays comes with the automatic features which can take care of the complete task, you just have to place the bread inside and switch it on and all the other things will be done automatically by the toaster.

Can toasters be used to make sandwiches?

A toaster can also be used to make sandwiches if it has enough space to hold the sandwich, some of the expensive toasters come with the feature of making the sandwiches as well.

Toasters Technology – How Does it Work?

Before the invention of the electric toaster, sliced bread was toasted on the long-handed toasting fork and holding it near the fire. Since then a lot of things have changed now we have an electrical toaster with lots of features like pop-up, and automatic, browning control and lots more. These electrical toasters have one thing in common that is the electrical heating element. When a sliced bread is dropped into the slot and the lever on the side is pressed down, the heating element is activated. For adjustment of the length of the toasting cycle, there are a series of buttons and knobs, once the cycle is complete according to the adjustments the internal element in the device determines the toasting cycle and toasters automatically turn off and toasts come out.

We have included the toaster which is verified by our own experience and based on real users review. Till now we did the test on three toasters which are included here. Soon we will be adding more products once we are done with the testing. Among the five toasters here we liked the Philips HD2582/00 830 W Pop Up Toaster as it comes from the most reliable brand and has more features than the rest at an affordable price.

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