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April 16, 2020

With pollution rising rapidly & causing more diseases, water nowadays is not at all safe. Water filters were very reliable at one point in time but now even they fail to detect & filter the impurities that are responsible for causing problems to our health.

As we step towards an advanced tomorrow, even water filters fail to protect us. Then who is going to save us from the diseases? We just can’t rely on medicines every time we fall sick. What if we don’t have to fall sick consuming regular water?

Ladies & gentlemen, that is where water purifiers come into play. This is the age of water purifiers. Generally, these are an upgraded form of water filters with RO technology (Reverse Osmosis), which is the treatment of water to remove harmful contents in a better way than the earlier water filters could do.

So, to help you choose the best water purifier, we have come up with a list. Check it out.

Best Water Purifiers In India 2020


Kent Grand Plus RO+UF+UV With TDS Controller Water Purifier

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  • Capacity: 9 litres
  • Purification Capacity: 20 Litres Per Hour
  • Power Consumption: 60W
  • Technology: RO+UV +UF+ TDS Mineralizer water purification

The Kent Grand Plus RO uses the RO+UF+UV functionality to purify the water in 7 stages, with a TDS controller which helps in keeping the necessary resources in the filtered water. This is unlike any other water purifiers because, in most of the other ROs, the necessary minerals get removed but not in this one.

An SMPS is also built-in so that it would be able to handle voltage fluctuations ranging from 100 to 300 volts. It can store up to 8 liters of water at a time & purify up to 20 liters of water an hour. It recovers over 50% of water & stores the wasted water in a separate tank. It can filter any type of water, whether it be from the borewell, municipality or water carriages & tanks. So it is quite convenient for families having a small or large number of members.

It also has the feature of UV fail & filter change alerts which lets you know or reminds you to maintain it. Now, how cool is that?

& lastly, the company provides a 1-year warranty plus free servicing of 3 years which means you don’t have to worry regarding any sort of technical malfunctions.


  • Good Storage Capacity
  • Over 50% of water recovery
  • Stores wastewater in a separate tank
  • TDS Controller
  • Filter change alert & UV fail alarm
  • Suitable for water from all sources
  • 1 Year Warranty + 3 Years free service


  • Expensive.


Livpure PEP Pro Plus RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

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  • Capacity: 9 litres
  • Purification Capacity: 20 Litres Per Hour
  • Power Consumption: 60W
  • Technology: RO+UV +UF+ TDS Mineralizer water purification

The Livpure PEP Pro Plus filters the water into 7 stages of advanced purification using the RO, UV & UF features. Coming to the physical overview, this water purifier has a very elegant & compact design along with an indicator each for the Power ON, Full Tank & Purification process. 

The storage in this is of up to 7 liters with a purification capability of up to 12 liters per hour. Another important highlight of the RO is that it improves the taste of filtered water as it uses a specialized carbon cartridge that has silver impregnated in it.

Also, it has an alarm for UV Fail & it is suitable for all types of water sources. The water purifier also can handle a wide range of voltage inputs from 140 to 300 volts to prevent any sort of accident or technical malfunction during voltage fluctuations.


Havells Max RO+UV Water Purifier

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  • Capacity: 9 litres
  • Purification Capacity: 20 Litres Per Hour
  • Power Consumption: 60W
  • Technology: RO+UV +UF+ TDS Mineralizer water purification

This wonderful water purifier is from a very renowned brand in the Indian electrical market & that is Havells. When it comes to quality & class Havells never seem to disappoint anybody. Likewise, the brand new Havells Max water purifier comes with many great features.

It has a storage capacity of approximately 8 liters & can purify water of up to 15 liters. All types of water sources are suitable in it as it has 7 stages of purification technology, due to which 100% water passes through the RO & UV. This helps in retaining all the essential minerals in the water with the help of Minerals cartridge contained within the water purifier. Another cartridge by the name Revitalizer cartridge helps in improving the hydration & mineral absorption thus making healthier water as the final product.

It also features a silver impregnated taste enhancer which improves the taste of the water. The tank cover is also contamination proof which helps in maintaining a cleaner & healthier water from impurities, dust & insects, etc. the storage tank is removable, so in case if you re in need of cleaning it by yourself you can easily do so.

This amazing water purifier works well enough in the voltage range of 170 – 330 volts.

Top 7 Best Water Purifiers in India

Why Would You Buy A Water Purifiers?

As we all know water is getting contaminated even more every single day.
It is not at all safe drinking water directly without having it filtered. Even after filtering the water in the good-old water filters will not help.

Water filters were reliable at one point in time but over the years, it has been found that it is not too effective in purifying the water completely. Therefore that is the time when water purifiers are proved themselves worthy.

These devices are well built both externally & internally with the necessary equipment & technologies incorporated within them.

However, with every great thing comes a disadvantage. One thing that you should keep in mind is that a lot of water is wasted with RO water purifiers.

These water purifiers are sure a bit on the costlier side as compared to the water filters but when it comes to serving the purpose it is the most convenient choice.

After all, what is more important, wealth or health?
Another fact is that with time newer technologies hit the market & they take it over.

The same goes for water purifiers. These rein trends & are in great demand everywhere. From offices to schools, hospitals & even in our homes, this is a must-have.

Moving forward, the whole of India is accepting this with wide-open arms. This surely is the now & certainly the future with some more upgrades of course.

So, that was it. I hope the article was able to help you choose the right water purifier for your home.

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