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Listed here are the important thing moments from the primary day of Steve Bannon’s trial Gadgetfee

Earlier than Evan Corcoran, Steve Bannon’s lawyer, completed his opening assertion, he was interrupted with objections from the federal government.

Corcoran took goal on the authorities’s case: “The federal government desires you to imagine that Mr. Bannon dedicated against the law by not displaying up at a congressional listening to room.”

Corcoran advised the jury that the proof will probably be “crystal clear” that “nobody, nobody believed Steve Bannon was going to look on Oct. 14, 2021.”

He prompt that the federal government wouldn’t be capable to meet is burden of proof to indicate that Bannon willfully defaulted on the subpoena.

He mentioned the jury will “hear that date was the topic of ongoing negotiations and discussions,” as he pointed particularly to an October letter from Bannon’s lawyer asking for one more week on the subpoena’s deadline.

Corcoran turned to an argument concerning the contempt decision, prompting an objection from Vaughn.

Corcoran restarted after a quick dialogue beneath seal — out of earshot of the general public or the jury — by noting that the contempt decision handed by a slim majority

“On the finish of the trial, you will be the one ones who determine if the federal government has met its burden of proof,” Corcoran mentioned.

A query he put ahead to the jury — asking them, “is that this piece of proof affected by politics?” — prompted one other objection from Vaughn.

He then ended his opening assertion by asking the jury to search out Bannon harmless.

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