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How To Keep Your Study Table Organised And Clean?

How To Keep Your Study Table Organised And Clean
Written by Madhuri Boinwad

Your workstation or study table should be comfortable irrespective of all the space constraints. The better you organise your study table, the more you will focus on your work. A clean and organised study table will efficiently increase your productivity, thus reducing diversions. On the other hand, working in an unpleasant and messy area will make you feel irritated soon, and you will not enjoy your work. If you’ve been thinking of how to organise your study table, here are a few steps that help you manage the things on it and keep it decluttered. Wakefit provides you with many options according to your usage and the space available.

Look for a Study Table that best suits your mode of work

Choose a study table that fulfils your requirements. There are many sites available to buy a study table online. Do not buy an oversized table or a tiny one that does not fit your belongings. Wakefit has different kinds that match your needs. The wooden study tables are costlier than the plastic ones or the metal ones, but it has an excellent finish and matches any decor. 

Clean up Your Entire Desk

It is easier to reorganise a clear table than a cluttered one. A dusty and dumpy workplace might seem like a place filled with work. Cleaning up the little things on the table and removing the piles gives a refreshing feel. Make sure you clean the drawers and remove the unnecessary stuff inside. Cleaning up the entire desk and reorganising it helps you create and save more space. It includes removing your desktop and the cables attached to it. Wipe off the dust and dirt entirely before you reconfigure them. If you have any switchboards attached to the table, make sure you wipe them with a dry cloth. You can find a cheap study table online with maximum functionality to keep things organised.

Dispose of Unnecessary Items

You might have many items that you don’t use daily which can be removed. It could be pens, files, notebooks or anything. Also, get rid of too many pen stands, pin holders, paperweights etc. It is always better to have one notepad for all things rather than many. It will create more focus on tasks needed to be accomplished. Try being a minimalist, using things that are only required. Dispose of old photos, completed files, checklists, used sticky notes etc. Stick to retaining only the items which you can’t do without and dispose of the rest. 

Update or Fill in New Supplies

Make note of things that need to be repurchased and refill them. Update your stationery, notepads, marking stickers, board pins etc. You can use highlighters for marking instead of sketches. Buy a trash bin to keep under your table if you don’t have one. Stock up things you use a lot like staples, paper clips, bell pins etc. You can also buy a study table with drawers to keep them organised. Try having a friendly phone stand and charging depot. Replace all your old files with new and easy to access ones. Apart from this, if you require any books for practice or reference, buy them too. You might also need board markers and dusters if you have a board attached near your workspace. 

Arrange Items with Relevance and Importance

Keep your daily used objects right in front of you so that you need not search for them every time. Most items like scissors and glue are not used every day. You can put these less essential items into the drawers instead of being kept on the table. The tablespace must be kept clear and free from clutter so that it gives you enough space to write, read, etc. If you use a desktop, try opting for a sleek one with a minimum base to save space. Use the drawers wisely. Keep files that are used frequently in the upper drawers and the lesser-used files in the lower ones. Keep your phone handy and at reach. Also, ensure the sticky notes, pen stand, paperweight etc., is on the table near you to be easily accessible. 

Sort and Segment your Desk 

Sorting out files and notes that are most important is required to improve work efficiency. Buy an organiser that helps you mark and label files in order. Use a corner of your desk for the stationery. The centre area has to be kept free for writing and reading purposes. The drawer space can be divided into segments containing lesser-used stationery, reference books, seals, inkpads etc. Keep printouts of various projects in different folders and then place them in the drawer. Name each folder with the project name and keep them visible enough for easier reference. 

Make it Attractive

A boring workplace or study table might decrease your enthusiasm for work. Check out for the most attractive wooden study table price online to add flair to your room. To give an attractive look to your table try keeping some small cactus plants with a motivational quote attached to them or a simple money plan to add some life to the table. You can add a few of your favourite pictures in a small frame. Keep a lovely coffee mug to enhance the aura. It would be great if you can add a calendar with inspirational messages and positive quotes. Use your creativity to bring a nice feel to the workplace. 

Maintain it the Same Way

More than cleaning, maintaining the table in the same way, is a challenging task. Wipe the dust off your desk every day before you start work. Remove used files and folders immediately from your table once the job is done. Throw the trash in the dustbin and not over the place or table. Replace all the items in their respective place after using them. Once you’re about to leave the workplace, rearrange things and files appropriately so that they will be easily accessible the next day. 

This practice helps you work quickly and efficiently. Follow a regular cleaning schedule to keep your study table organised. It could be once a month or once a week, depending upon your urgency. But make sure it is done often to maintain a sterile workspace. If you feel that your study table is old and need a new one to keep your things organised you can always buy one online now. The study table price varies depending on the model and size. Choose the appropriate size and model as per your need.

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