Know your Voice Type

Know your Voice Type
Written by Paresh Bramhane

Voice type is the distinctive extent of voices, tone and arrive at that specialists have. Some generally known sorts of voices are Soprano, Tenor, Bass, etc. Every craftsman has a particular uniqueness to their voice yet they similarly share certain resemblances which makes us orchestrate them into explicit social occasions. 

What about we inspect various kinds of voices. 

There are three kinds of female voices and 4 kinds of male voices in the space of customary singing. They are according to the accompanying: 

  • Male Voices: Countertenor, Bass, Baritone and bass goes under male voices. 
  • Female Voices: Mezzo Soprano, Soprano and Contralto are the female voices. 

These are the far-reaching portrayals which can be used across various kinds like pop, jazz, etc. 


  • Vocal Range: Your vocal reach is the key brand name which urges you to choose your voice type. It is critical that you know your vocal reach so you can get ready with the melodic notes which suits your voice. Else, you can end up hurting your voice by practicing with notes which are exorbitantly high for your span. 
  • Vocal Tone: Different specialists have particular vocal tones. Some have wonderful and performing voices while others have profound and serious voices. Observing your vocal tone makes you comprehend what kind of tunes you can perform and which tunes will suit to your voice. For example, people with powerful voices can perform songs that require truly belting and vocal projection, while someone with a touchy and light voice can perform tunes which are fragile. 
  • Notice the Changes: Your voice encounters a lot of changes in tone and quality when we move from low pitches to higher notes. These movements are known as vocal register changes. You should see these movements while singing so you know which kind of voice type do you have. It is like manner helps with executing certain voice lessons which are more powerful for your voice. 

These are the components which help you in choosing your voice type. You would yourself have the option to endeavour to figure your voice type or you could get capable help. Taking voice lessons can be one such way. Your voice teacher will pursue developing your voice and sound. They generally have a huge load of contribution which urges them to choose your voice type and subsequently train you. It is critical that you think about your voice type since it chooses tunes you will be singing and notes you will play with. It you are a fledgling craftsman who is engaging to find their voice type then you should join a voice lesson. It will control you and show you the right method to walk around. 

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