Send Your Files With the File Sharing Feature of GogoPDF

Send Your Files With the File Sharing Feature of GogoPDF
Written by Paresh Bramhane

Sharing files or documents involves a variety of methods, including sending via the web, peer-to-peer networks, USB flash drives, and FTP servers. These methods, however, are less convenient than online or cloud file transfer or sharing. The digital world provides us with a plethora of novel methods, one of which is digital sharing. This enables us to send documents via email, making things simple.

There have been notable technologies that have reduced the use of paper in data transfer and document sharing. Such tasks can now be completed in minutes, if not seconds, thanks to advances in technology. Various online tools are made available on the internet to facilitate file sharing and transfer. GogoPDF makes it simple and free to share your documents.

File Sharing Feature of GogoPDF

Send your files with the file sharing feature of GogoPDF for it is convenient and free. GogoPDF’s sharing tool securely and optimally uploads and shares your Microsoft Word documents, PDF files, and even Excel files to the recipients you specify. If you want to share your images, its sharing tool can help you do so because it supports GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF formats. GogoPDF’s file-sharing tool ensures accuracy each time you share your files. The document’s structures, texts, colors, tables, styles, paragraphs, photographs, and other relevant information will be preserved.

GogoPDF’s website provides cloud storage. As a result, as long as your device is online, you can use its sharing tool whenever and wherever you want. Customers will find the service more convenient because they will no longer need to install apps to complete the sharing process. As a result, the document will reach its intended recipients on time and with satisfying quality.

The GogoPDF’s sharing tool can run on any browser. Users of the internet can access the website using a variety of browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Furthermore, their handy tool is cross-platform compatible, including Windows, Linux, and even Android and Apple devices.

One of the most important concerns in today’s digital age is the security and confidentiality of paperless documents. Unlike other untrustworthy digital tools, GogoPDF protects your documents from prying eyes when they are uploaded. Your data will be deleted from the server after you use the tool for security reasons.

Procedure in Sharing File Using GogoPDF

Browse the GogoPDF website when your device is connected to the internet. On the main page, select “Share Document” from the list of tools. To begin, upload the document you wish to share. You can either drag and drop your file onto the toolbox or get it from your computer. Then, click the Share File button.

Then, copy the URL, paste it into an email or text message, and send it to your recipient. You can also send the download link via email with a personalized message. Finally, save the file to your computer by downloading it. You can also share the document on your social media accounts. Take a look at how straightforward, efficient, and practical it is. You can send your document to colleagues, friends, supervisors, and potential clients in four steps. When you send the email with the download link, you can add additional messages at the bottom of the form.

Other Useful Features of GogoPDF

Adding Page Numbers to PDF

Using this online tool, you can automatically include pages in your file. Select the PDF from your computer or drag and drop it into GogoPDF’s conversion box. Then, count the pages and save the file. It’s as simple as that, and you’ll have your pages numbered in no time.

Deleting PDF Pages

Use GogoPDF’s Delete Pages if you’ve decided whether to delete a single or multiple pages from your PDF document. GogoPDF has no file size limit when it comes to managing large PDF files. Upload your file, and then delete the pages you want to get rid of. Save your file, and it will be available for download immediately.

Rotate PDF

Solve and rotate any upside-down or sideways PDFs. With GogoPDF, you can make the necessary changes to your lopsided PDF file. You can select whether to turn a single, multiple, or all of the pages in your file. When you click the “Apply Changes” button, your file will be saved right away.


Personalize, share, and email documents directly from the GogoPDF website. Document sharing may present some difficulties for you. When it comes to sending files, there are several options available to you. However, the most convenient method is to use an online tool such as GogoPDF.

The key features of GogoPDF are solutions to problems that may arise when sharing files. It offers protection, compatibility, and accuracy, which eliminates document sharing issues. These features lead to efficiency, timeliness, and increased user productivity at the workplace. Users of GogoPDF can send documents online for free while maintaining the confidentiality of their data.

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